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LAETICIA - Laboratoire d’Etudes d’Impact du Cinéma Appliqué - This is the place where we see film as a new field of study between humanities and biology. We study the film object and its impact on the human brain and behavior. The lab is experiencing film patterns in education, health and social studies.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Motion Thinking

Motion Thinking is about thinking by taking into account the changes that occur with time and space. The idea that was through at 1:00 AM might not be true at 2:00 AM. And an idea that was true in Europe might not be true in Asia. How do we add the dynamic elements of time and space in our thoughts?

Some people like to take a walk when they want to think. Some other people when they meditate take static positions for a long time. What we can say is that they are taking a posture that help them with the kind of thinking they are doing. One is creating a dynamic medium by walking, and the other is creating a frozen medium. The medium here is the message. The first one tent to find truths that would be true in even if time and space parameters change. The second one is meditating about eternal truths, he puts himself on a time that doesn't go by and on a space that doesn't move.

We see here that the choice of the medium on which we imprint our thoughts is crucial and can affect our perception on life and events. The medium we are using today are technology related. But most of them are using our senses and are either immediate like film and music either a language code system like books. And the education system we use is first about coding and decoding informations in order to acquire knowledege. We also know with film for exemple that there is a way to acquire knowledge through a reference system that is immediate, meaning that is closer to life and the way we perceive it. (we can discuss this later) .

Books are the most popular medium though which we get knowledge.But Books are a frozen medium. The truth in books seems true on all times and places. While it's not. This is why we are going to use film as a medium that has an integrated-time and space-frame. Meaning that nothing can be frozen in film as the medium itself is already dynamic. And the perception we have of the information it conveys includes time and space in motion. Therefore, there are certain ideas that suit better the dynamic medium film is about. Some of those ideas are time related, like human time locked between our birth and death. Recalling the idea of the meaning of our life. Some others are mouvement related, going from one place to another. This one recalling the idea of action, doing something with our life. We can see that the very basics concept behind the use of a dynamic medium film is bring back the very essence of human lives. This is why we are going to use in motion thinking some of the reasonning approach used to create a motion picture.


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